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There are many reasons homeowners make the decision to remove their pool. Rising maintenance cost, costly repairs or simply the desire to change how the outdoor space is used. W.H. Boyer can “Get your yard back!”

We have the equipment to deconstruct the pool safely and install in its place a beautiful landscaped area , patio, firepit, or even an outdoor pavilion with an outdoor kitchen. 

Benefits of Pool Removal

Not only do you gain your yard back after the removal of an old neglected or just unused pool, but you also will find these added benefits:

  • Money Saved – you will save time and money on swimming pool maintenance and chemicals. In addition you will see a decrease in your home owners insurance rates.
  • Increased Sale Potential – it may increase the number of potential buyers and make your home easier to sell
  • More Space – take bake your yard and create the ideal place to relax without the worries or cost of a pool
  • A Safer Place – if you have young children, removing your pool decreases any potential safety hazards associated with pool ownership.

How Much Does it Cost

The cost of pool removal depends on multiple things, including:

  • Type of pool (above ground or in ground)
  • Size of the pool
  • Accessibility of the pool area
  • Method of pool removal
  • The cost to remove an above ground pool varies considerably, but it's generally significantly less than removing an in ground pool. 

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